Bloom & Grow

PURE Families,

PURE is very excited to share with you our innovative, creative, age appropriate, and FUN early years program: Bloom & Grow! This new program is dedicated to giving your little ones the tools needed to express themselves creatively in a nurturing environment. Your child’s early years development is a responsibility PURE takes very seriously as we strive to nurture curiosity, encourage safe and healthy relationships and foster strong emotional growth. Thank you for entrusting PURE with the privilege to learn and grow in the arts with your child. We are excited to see your young ones blossom during these delicate formative years.

Our Philosophy & Benefits to the Student

When you give your child an arts education at an early age, you are investing in your child’s future. Bloom & Grow is designed to develop your child’s cognitive and physical abilities while simultaneously developing your child’s self-confidence, problem-solving abilities, coordination, body awareness, social skills, discipline, respect and self-worth. Bloom & Grow offers your little one age 18 months to 5 years, a strong foundation for not only future dance but future success in all areas of everyday life. In addition, your child’s gross and fine motor skills are consistently developed through our thoughtfully designed and tested syllabus. Below are just a few exercises within Bloom & Grow that are designed to develop the skills mentioned above.

Gross Motor Skills: Travelling around the room, Marches, Jumps, Bounces, Sways, Stretching

Fine Motor Skills: Pointing and Flexing, Grasping Shakers/Scarves, Finger Points, Ballet hand/arm exercises.

The PURE Perspective

PURE perspective is of utmost importance to understanding the philosophy of Bloom & Grow. PURE has developed this new Early Years Program from a very intersectional standpoint. The perspective of the student, the educator and the parent intersect in intricate ways that allow us to develop a superior program for your child.

For example, the concept of repetition: Through the eyes of a parent, hearing the same head shoulders knees and toes song or watching your child walk in a circle on their toes for weeks in a row may appear dull for you. Through our instructors’ eyes, we are working towards gaining the coordination, knowledge and understanding of some of what it takes to be a great dancer, student and person. Through your dancer’s eyes, they are gaining discipline, attention to detail and self-confidence.

Bloom & Grow Concepts

*Playing with Creativity   *   Exploring Critical Thinking   *   Active Learning

When your child has the opportunity to play with ideas in different scenarios, they discover connections and explore new ways of understanding their world. Creative analogies and dance imagery are built into our syllabus which allows us to open up your child’s imagination. Examples of this include learning basic movements such as balancing on one leg, jumping or even moving from a seated to a standing position by pretending to be a flamingo, kangaroo or even a flower growing from a seed to a daisy. These thought processes help our dancers connect their dance to the world around them.

Dancers will explore dance and music through the aid of props such as scarfs, shakers, teddy bears, hula-hoops etc. Incorporating these elements helps our dance educators deliver about the foundations of dance and movement to your child in fun and stimulating way.
Playing with peers is important for a child’s development of social skills, sharing and communication. In Bloom & Grow, we use play and games to teach the dancers basic rules and principles as well as dance movement.

For example, having all dancers sit on the floor in a circle and stretch their legs in front of them is a way to teach body alignment, muscle control, muscle flexibility, following instructions etc. For the child, it is described all through dance imagery and the idea of making a flower.

PURE Dance Educators

With all of these tools in place, it is important to know when your child is ready for more challenges. Directors Corey Mariuz (B.A & M.A Specializing in Dance) Melissa Colman (B.A in Movement Science) and Early Years Coordinator Holly Holmes (B.A in Science) are Bloom & Grow’s developers. Together, they have drawn on their academic knowledge and rich dance history to shape the Bloom & Grow syllabus and dance educator training program which ensures each Bloom & Grow dancer is successful within our program.

All PURE staff are equipped with the resources necessary to motivate, inspire, encourage and examine each student individually as well as the classroom as a whole in order to tailor your child’s dance program to his/her specific learning needs.

Dress Code

Bloom & Grow dancers are encouraged to wear clothing in which they can move comfortably and express their personality.

Below are some guidelines that should be followed:

  • Tiny Seeds & Little Sprouts – Ballet based outfit. Ballet slippers on the feet.

  • Ballet – Bodysuit, tights, ballet shoes and hair up & off the face. Ballet slippers on the feet.

  • Tap – Can remain in Ballet attire. Tap shoes on the feet.

  • Jazz – Can remain in Ballet attire if in Ballet/Jazz combo. Jazz shoes or slippers on the feet. If in a jazz/hip hop combo, can wear fitted and fun dancewear.

  • Hip Hop – Use your imagination dancers can wear whatever they feel ready to dance in, please bring your dancer with indoor running shoes.