Goals of the Program

The PURE Lakeshore Collective Ensemble offers a non-competitive experience to dancers

that have a passion for dance, for performance, and their community. The Collective is

structured around creating well-rounded dancers with the goal of developing the dancer’s self-

confidence, self-esteem, dedication, commitment, teamwork, creativity and a love for the arts.

Dancers within the ensemble will perform throughout Essex County, at community events,

retirement homes and other select performance opportunities.

Benefits to the Student

The Collective Ensemble is a team building experience. Commitment to our specialized

programs, such as The Collective, substantially enhances the student’s dance skills, social

skills, interpersonal skills, time management skills and confidence. The combination of the

team involvement, social interaction, weekly practice sessions and travel creates an

enjoyable rewarding experience for all students involved.

PURE Lakeshore Collective Ensemble Teams for 2019/2020:

Mini/Junior: Ages 7-11

Intermediate: Ages 11-14

Teen/Senior: Ages 14-18