Tiny Seeds

18months - 2 years old  

Tiny Seeds classes are designed to be the vessel by which your child will discover, create, and have fun, all while taking their first steps in self-expression. Your role in this class as a parent is to be the captain of your child’s ship and our instructors are like lighthouses that guide the way for you to safely and effectively navigate your dance experience at PURE.

This syllabus is designed to spark your child’s love for
movement and develop a sense of wonder, while simultaneously accenting developmental milestones. Be prepared to move with your dancer each week in the classroom as you enrich the bond between you and your “Tiny Seed”. Towards the end of this class your Tiny Seed will begin to learn and sprout into an independent dancer. Part 1 and 2 are designed to allow your child to become comfortable and familiar with the syllabus and fall in love with moving to the music.

This class is offered in terms: Term 1 goes from September to December (11 weeks). Term 2 goes from January to May (17 weeks). In order for your Tiny Seed to experience all of the benefits of Bloom & Grow we recommend both term 1 and 2.