Little Sprouts

2 - 3years old

This class is designed to transition younger students into a new learning environment. “Little Sprouts” syllabus begins by incorporating exercises from the “Tiny Seeds” program allowing your dancer to feel confident and comfortable in their new classroom setting.

This class progresses to cover basic dance vocabulary, a combination of ballet, creative movement, jazz, obstacles and games. Dancers will develop coordination, classroom etiquette, listening skills, special awareness and dance technique through songs, dance and games.

With an emphasis on play and fun, this class prepares students for the more structured classes to come in their following years. Your young dancer will also learn a routine to be performed at the year-end recital in June to show off some of their new skills.

This class is offered in Full term and Half term: Full Term goes from September to Early June with one recital routine and Half Term goes from January to May with NO recital routine.